New Song: “Buenas Noches, Buenaventura”

19 Jul

Hey friends and comrades!
We’re proud to announce a new song! An advanced release from our upcoming album, due out next year!
We hope you enjoy,
-Jake and the Infernal Machine

Listen here:
Buenas Noches, Buenaventura (July 19, 2013)

“Buenas Noches, Buenaventura,” an advanced release from the upcoming 4th album by Jake and the Infernal Machine. This song tells the tale of the life and struggle of famed Spanish Anarchist Buenaventura Durruti.

It was a dark time in Spain
Storm clouds always gather thick before the rain.
And in his hand he found a gun, to his friends he was the one
He was the people’s bravest son, fought on behalf of them.
Bullets flying towards the priest, and the beast it gnashed its teeth
Chased the friends onto the streets, into the world they were released.

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, its been a good fight
You’ll come back to us when its time.
Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, when you close your eyes
All your people are there inside.

Hijo del Pueblo, more precious than a pearl
Running fugitive from the world
Back at home the jackboots fall, and the friends they heed the call
Slip back in, commence the brawl, sent straight to the prison walls.


Spanish people, go retrieve your stolen sons and daughters
The fascists in the barracks are ready for the slaughter
The anarchists unleash their guns, the workers rise, the fascists run,
And giving chase, the people come. Militia of revolution.

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, you live by the gun
You’ll come back to us when we’ve won.
Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, under the sun
Grows the sweet fruit of revolution.

The world ignores the cries of the Spanish people
Them reds and anarchists are burning down the steeples.
November storm clouds come around, and fascist bombs break Madrid’s ground
But when our hero comes to town, Buenaventura is shot down

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, its been a good fight
You’ll come back to us when its time.
Buenas Noches, Buenaventura, the day that you died
All your people lay down and cried.

This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio

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