Jake and the Infernal Machine

Jake and the Infernal Machine

– Boston-based punk and folk band. We’ve been playing since the summer of 2005

We are almost ready to release a new 15 song album, a year and a half in the making, but we’re trying to raise money to get it mastered.

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Check out some free music below:


Lineup Currently:
Jake- vox, guitar
Clara- vox, guitar
John- Mandolin
James- vox, bass
Max- balalaika
Tim- Drums
Jeff- Sax, clarinet, keyboard

Music Videos

“Gulyai polye, the ballad of nestor makhno” Music Video (2010)

“The Boston Shuffle” Music Video (2008) French Subtitled, by Clash Films

Live Recordings

“6th of December” (Partial – Live Video) 2012

“Marusya” (Partial – Live Video)

Live at Food Not Bombs Fest (2010)

Studio Recordings

Below are unreleased, unmastered previews of tracks from our upcoming album

Buenas Noches, Buenaventura


6th of December

Previously released:


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