Spanish Civil War

Update on diorama work regarding the Spanish Revolution and Civil War – July 19, 2019

83 years ago today, Spanish soldiers, directed by nationalist generals in revolt against the socialist Spanish Republic, left their barracks on a march to install a right wing government, launching the Spanish Civil War. Waiting for them in alleyways, stair wells, balconies, and behind newly-constructed barricades in many cities and towns, were anarchist and other revolutionary workers and peasants. That the laborers took the initiative to oppose the march of the army, when even the legitimate government did nothing, is the only reason why there was a Civil War in the first place. In the vacuum of power created by the action of working class people, those working people took to recreate the world around them, even as they fought a multi-front war against the fascist army and its Italian and German allies at the front, and the power hungry socialist and communist politicians–and their comintern handlers–at the rear.

Below are some early efforts of mine to build a couple of dioramas, one of the July 19th storming of the Barcelona Telephone Exchange by CNT workers, another of the Durruti Column which formed in the following days, to liberate the “Second City of Anarchism,” Saragossa, and spread anarchist-communism across Catalunya and Aragon in its wake.

These are works in progress, I hope to have something completed a year from now. I also hope that one day these pieces will join other dioramas, art, and information at a future Museum of Freedom covering many revolutions and movements for liberty and equality the world over. If you have a building your looking to give away…get in touch!


More to come!


Art and related research of anarchists in the Spanish Civil War

here’s a first attempt at a miniature diorama…I have a dream of opening a “Museum of Freedom” but quite a long way to go!






Interesting maps of the street fighting in Barcelona, July 19-20 1936 from the book “Altes de la Guerra Civil a Catalunya” by Victor Hurtado, Antoni Segura, Joan Villarroya i Font

barca action 2

barca action 1

plz cata 1

plz cata 2

plazacata 3

plaza cata 4



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