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Service Workers Forum tomorrow!

10 Dec

Hey all,

   I’m helping to plan this event below for tomorrow night with some comrades at BU Student Labor Action Project and the IWW. It should be awesome, please come check it out if you’re in town!



Resistance with Dignity! Service and Low Income Workers’ Forum
7pm, Wednesday, December 11th,
At Boston University, in the College of Arts and Sciences room 201.
685 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA.


Since the onset of the Great Recession in 2008, the cost of living has risen and corporate profits increased, while minimum wage and other industry standards for low-wage workers have remained the same. Even worse, many employers use the recession to demand concessions and rollbacks from their workers.

Yet across the Boston area, workers in a variety of industries are fighting back. From hotels to restaurants, workers are organizing to demand pay increases, benefits, and union recognition. Come hear from workers struggling in these industries as they share their stories. Participate in a discussion with us about union organizing and shop-floor struggles.


Rosa de la Rosa – Le Meridien Hotel

Tasia Edmonds – Insomnia Cookies, BU

Cris Barros – Mass. Uniting (Former KFC worker)

Jonathan Peña – Insomnia Cookies, Harvard

Hosted by the Boston University Student Labor Action Project and the Boston Industrial Workers of the World


Reading Group on Fast Food Strikes: Saturday September 21st: 6-8 PM

12 Sep
Hello friends and comrades,
           The article I posted here yesterday will be among three articles discussed at an upcoming reading group in Boston. Check it out, it looks like it will be a good and timely discussion.

Common Struggle Reading Group – Fast Food Workers, Recent Strikes, and “Alternative” Labor

-Saturday September 21st: 6-8 PM reading group at Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston St, Boston, MA, 02116, in Copley Square.

This summer, fast food workers across the country have launched strikes and pushed for unions and better jobs. SEIU has played a large role in this movement, utilizing a “new” or “alternative” labor model, supporting smaller, independent workers’ initiatives, organizing symbolic strikes, and pushing for a higher national minimum wage. Locally, workers at Insomnia Cookies recently launched a strike and joined the Industrial Workers of the World.

Join us to discuss the strategies of and relationships between “Alt” labor, industrial and direct-action unionism, and the growing movement of fast food workers, with three short readings to guide our discussion.



1. Fast food strikes to massively expand: “They’re thinking much bigger” By Josh Eidelson.

2. Venture Syndicalism: Fanning and dousing the flames of discontent. By Nate Hawthorne.

3. Striking Workers at Insomnia Cookies Join the IWW. By Jake Carman.

-Optional supplemental reading:

1. Upper Crust Pizzeria To Reopen as ‘The Just Crust.’ By Nikki D. Erlick,


Sponsored by Common Struggle-Libertarian Communist Federation:

Fast Food Workers Strike Tomorrow!

28 Aug

Hello friends, comrades, and fellow workers. Please join the IWW at these two rallies tomorrow for striking fast food workers!

-1. 4:00pm- Fast Food Worker Strike Rally
Boston Common, Boston, MA

Like millions of people in today’s economy, fast food workers don’t earn enough to pay their bills and put food on the table. That’s why thousands of workers at McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast food restaurants in cities across the country have been going on strike to demand decent wages they can aord to live on. Fast food workers in Boston will be taking part in this national action on August 29. It’s crucial that we show strikers that we have their back. Will you join us?
For more information visit MassUniting.org or call (617) 284-1260

-2. 6pm This Thursday, August 29, Support Insomnia Cookie Workers on Strike
As fast-food workers across the country join a national day of strikes on August 29, striking workers at Insomnia Cookies in Harvard Square will hold an evening rally in front of their store at 65 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, at 6pm, Thursday.

Four Insomnia workers decided to go on strike on Sunday, August 18, for higher wages, benefits, and a union. They joined the Industrial Workers of
the World, set up picket lines and rallies, and have remained in the streets for over a week. Excited by the wave of strikes at other fast food
chains, Insomnia workers look to participate in the national day of strikes to support workers like them across the industry, lend solidarity to other unionizing workers, and draw attention to their own cause.

Insomnia Cookies, with 30 locations in the US, caters to college students
and runs late night deliveries of cookies and milk to dorm rooms. Still delivering cookies until 2:45 am, Insomnia workers who double-duty as bakers and cashiers receive only 9$ an hour. “Drivers,” who are expected
to deliver cookies by bicycle within a half hour, receive only 5$ an hour
plus tips. Neither receive healthcare, at a job where turnover is so high,
the typical employee lasts only a month.

At 12:00 am on Sunday, August 18, the night shift at the Harvard Square
Insomnia Cookies voted to initiate a strike for higher wages, healthcare,
and freedom to build a union. All four were fired later that morning, and
one was threatened with a lawsuit. To win back their jobs, gain a living
wage, and build a union, Insomnia strikers are calling for your support.

Please join us at 6pm, Thursday evening – 65 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA,
for a mass rally.

https://www.IwwBoston.org <https://www.iwwboston.org/&gt;