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Issue 6 out now!

11 Feb

Issue 6 out now!

In this issue:
-Boston Union News Roundup
-Minimum Wage Hikes
-Immigrant Detainees Continue Struggle for Rights at South Bay
-Sergio Reyes’ birthday and fund-raising event From Punta Arenas to Boston: 60 years of struggle


Cradle of Liberty Issue 3

5 Aug

Cradle of Liberty Issue 3

Hey all, check out my newest articles and other great 
news stories in the latest issue of The Cradle of Liberty:

We are proud to announce the release of Issue #3 of The Cradle of Liberty,
a Newsletter of Mass. Struggles. View it here:
Issue 3

Inside this issue:
-Somerville Passes Wage Theft Ordinance
-Bostonians Vent Anger at Martin’s Death, Zimmerman’s Acquittal, and
Violence in Their City
-Workers and Allies Demand Higher Minimum Wage
-Fighting for Workers’ Rights at Harvard University
-Activists Rally to Re-imagine Reproductive Justice
-MBTA Hikes Averted, But Taxes Raised in New State Budget
-Hyatt Agrees to Union Contract for Workers in Several Major Cities,
Boston Not Included

Check out our website to download the Web Version or the
Print Version –
Print out some copies!The Cradle of Liberty is an all volunteer run organization, we invite you
to print out some copies on 11×17 paper and help distribute the paper to
your friends, co-workers and around your community!

Radio Appearance Tomorrow

11 Apr

Hey all! Catch me in the radio tomorrow night. I’ll be going on Linda Pinkow’s WMBR show, “What’s Left,” to talk about the new publication, The Cradle of Liberty. Tune in to 88.1FM at 6:00pm:

WMBR 88.1 FM

A new publication! The Cradle of Liberty

10 Mar

Greetings friends and comrades,

If you like my writings from my recent book, check out the new publication I’m helping to launch! The Cradle of Liberty, due to appear in early April, will be a publication about people’s struggles in and around Boston. It will promote anarchist values but not quite in such a blunt was as did the BAAM Newsletter. Our hope is that this will be a paper any working class person may find interesting and valuable.

Check it out at:


facebook page

Call for Submissions:

Submit Content

Call for Submissions – The Cradle of Liberty

The Cradle of Liberty Collective is looking for news articles, editorials, short essays, and event announcements relevant to the Massachusetts working class community. We, the Cradle of Liberty Collective, are publishing the first issue of *The Cradle of Liberty*, a bi-monthly newspaper, in April and we are calling for submissions. We ask that all articles be submitted by March 16th. Send them to:

Formal institutions, from the media to political parties to schools, work to disengage us from politics, to turn us into spectators and not actors, and to stifle discussion about issues that affect us.  The aim of *The Cradle of Liberty* is to engage working class people, connect communities, promote struggles against oppression and injustice, and encourage open discussion.

We want stories that highlight successes of people who are fighting injustices in the community, labor groups struggling for fair compensation and treatment, and people who act for the benefit of their neighbors. We want articles that reveal the iniquities in the system and promote the people who are working to correct them.

We are for people having a direct say in the organizations making decisions about their lives. We want everyone to be part of the decision-making process in decisions that affect them and their communities.

If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to submit an article or would like to get involved in any other way, then please get in touch. If you cannot submit content, we are also looking for financial support in producing this free publication.

For the first issue, we ask that all articles be submitted by March 16th.

Contact us as CradleofLibertyNews@gmail.com

Book Release Party!

6 Dec

Friday, December 21st, 2012, 6-8pm
Book Release Party!
For Jake Carman’s first book, “Nine Years of Anarchist Agitation: the History of BAAM (2001-2010) and Other Essays”
At the Lucy Parsons Center,
358 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
http://www.JakeCarman.com    Facebook.com/baamhistory

RSVP On Facebook

Come celebrate the long-awaited release of Jake Carman’s first book, “Nine Years of Anarchist Agitation: the History of BAAM (2001-2010) and Other Essays.” There will be snacks, music, a brief presentation, socializing, and copies of the book for sale.

About the Book:     In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and in the midst of the subsequent nationalist fervor, Boston radicals came together to form the Boston Anarchists Against Militarism (BAAM) Coalition. Through interviews and an extensive study of BAAM’s public statements, activities, and publications, this history explores the evolution of BAAM from an anti-war coalition into a general union of Boston anarchists. The lessons of the past decade are useful to today’s generation of activists as they grapple with the questions of political organization and activity in the struggle against global capitalism.
http://www.JakeCarman.com           Facebook.com/baamhistory