Strike at Insomnia Cookies, Harvard Square

19 Aug

Strike! Calling all Allies of Low-Wage Workers
Turn Out to Support Striking Workers at Insomnia Cookies!

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At 12:00 am on Sunday, August 18, the night shift at the Harvard Square Insomnia Cookies voted to initiate a strike for higher wages, healthcare, better job stability, and freedom to build a union. Insomnia Cookies, with around 30 locations in the Northeast and Midwest, caters to college students and runs late night deliveries of warm cookies and milk to dorm rooms. Still delivering cookies until 2:45 am, Insomnia workers who double-duty as bakers and cashiers receive only 9$ an hour, while “drivers,” who are expected to deliver cookies by bicycle within a half hour, receive only 5$ an hour plus tips. Neither receive healthcare, at a job where turnover is so high, the typical employee lasts only a few months. Insomnia workers have had enough, and they need your help if they can keep their jobs and achieve their goals.

Picketing, which began Sunday afternoon, will continue tomorrow, Tuesday, August 20 at noon. Workers will picket at noon on Wednesday and Thursday as well, and also hold a mass rally at 6pm Thursday evening. Workers will hold their picket at the Harvard Square location, 65 Mt Auburn St  Cambridge, MA 02138.
The company also plans to open a new location near Boston University at 708 Commonwealth Ave in the near future.

Check the Boston IWW website for updates:
From the Strikers:

Harvard Insomnia Strike Agreement

The following Employees of Insomnia Cookies hereby vote to go on Strike on August 18, 2013 at 12:00am.

Our Demands:

1) Higher Wages.

2.) Benefits to Include Health Care and Dental.

3.) Union Membership.

We stand in solidarity with all those low wage workers across the country who are oppressed and exploited.

Long Live the Workers Movement!

(signed by four workers, a shift leader, 2 bakers, and a driver).

For updates:

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