Thanks for Coming!

13 Nov


Almost 50 people came out on Sunday morning to see me present my book, “Nine Years of Anarchist Agitation: The History of BAAM and Other Essays.” The presentation went very well, despite my lack of sleep the night before due to our new born waking up to eat every hour! The one problem was I spent most of the hour and a half time allotted to me going through the history of BAAM and the surrounding anarchist community, and we didn’t have time to get to the part of the presentation I was most excited about: a discussion about revolutionary organizations, how they should function, what they should do, and what we’ve learned from past groups (like BAAM) that might contribute to the development of tomorrow’s revolutionary organizations. If you were sorely missing that discussion, you might check out the position one organization I’m in takes on this matter: The Question Of The Revolutionary Anarchist Organization: A Common Struggle Position Paper (adopted September 15, 2002) 

If you missed my talk, fear not! At the bookfair I discussed with some folks from the Lucy Parsons Center a plan to hold a book release party at their book store in Jamaica Plain. Stay tuned for the date!


(ps, thanks to Jerry Kaplan for these photos!)




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