First Issue of The Cradle of Liberty – Out Now!

11 Apr

First Issue of The Cradle of Liberty - Out Now!

Hey all,
Check out this brand new publication I’m helping to launch. In many ways it is similar to the old BAAM newsletter. However instead of focusing on anarchism, The Cradle of Liberty is broadly focused on the struggles, trials, efforts, and communities of the working class of the Boston Area.

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Inside Issue #1

Mass Nurses Vote to Strike

Massachusetts Foreclosed Homeowner Raises Protest in D.C.

Stop and Shop Signs Contract with Union Workers

Chelsea Tenants Stand up to City Realty

Nationwide Homes for All Campaign Launched

Starbucks Workers Win Raise, But Victory is not Total

Interview With a Barista

The BU Biolab, A Continuing History of at Risk Neighborhoods


Providence photos

31 Jan

Providence photos

Big thanks to our friends at Libertalia and Common Struggle for hosting the event in Providence. Photos by Comrade Freedman


Book Release Party

6 Dec

Book Release Party

Here’s the flier. Tell your friends!